A Tale of Two School Boards

A Tale of Two School Boards
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Bergen and Moore have combined their years of experience
in applying the Policy Governance® model to school boards
in the form of a novel. The challenges and frustrations faced
by the characters will sound familiar to many readers as they
draw you into the story.
Follow the adventures of Anthony Reyes, frustrated Chair of
the Norcrest School Board, as he is introduced to a better way
of governing by Katherine Billings, Chair of the Dixon School
District Board. As the story unfolds, Anthony has coffee chats
with Katherine and visits her board to observe how Policy
Governance could transform the way his board operates. The
Norcrest School Board then engages on a learning journey
as it moves to adopt Policy Governance® as the model for
governing its school district.
This book encourages readers to identify questions and
potential myths they might hold about Policy Governance,
and self-evaluate their current knowledge prior to reading the
novel. The book is accompanied by two study guides – one
for readers new to Policy Governance, and one for readers
already using Policy Governance. These guides contain a few
questions for each chapter, making them an ideal way for a
board to learn together.

By Andrew Bergen & Jannice Moore
The Governance Coach, Calgary, AB

This book addresses the application of the Policy Governance® model specifically to the needs of school boards in a novel format. Includes workbooks for those new to Policy Governance and one for those familiar with Policy Governance.
A Tale of Two School Boards includes the following chapters:
  1. Introduction
  2. The GRIND
  3. How Do You Eat An Elephant?
  4. Agent for the Owners
  5. You're Offside!
  6. The Whole Is Greater Than the Sum of Its Parts
  7. High Fives All Around
  8. Talking To Yourself
  9. Faith, Hope and Love
  10. Any Reasonable Interpretation
  11. That Wasn't Expected
  12. The Lights Went On!

245 Pages, 2015
ISBN 978-0-9738550-5-0